Our History

Sprouted out of the comments of our friends and family. Watered by the love of healthy eating. Grown by the passion of supporting local agriculture.

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The seeds were sown…

Our farm family have been dairy farmers in Frederick County, MD since 1981. We have worked hard to overcome many challenges and obstacles over the years including a barn fire, tornado, a growing family, and ever changing marketplace.

In 2001, on the brink of bankruptcy, our family took a big risk, ignoring the nah sayers, and opened South Mountain Creamery. We had no idea at the time that this decision and action would set our family farm on a course to reaches beyond our imagination.

We put down roots..

Since 2017 South Mountain Creamery has created its own unique Ice cream creations, as well as glass bottled milk, yogurts and cheeses.

Through our home delivery service we now deliver the entire farmers market to your door, offering eggs, meats, breads, produce, and much more. Our delivery service not only supports our local farm, but the entire local farming community. We don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk…. Know your Farmers… Know your food!

The “Harvest” has just begun…

Have you ever had one of the times when everything just came together? In 2018 we brought together over 18 years experience growing, producing and sourcing local food, with two talented chefs ready for a new adventure, and a great location in downtown Frederick. Hometown Harvest Kitchen was born!

Our mission has always been to make local food more accessible to our community regardless if this is through our milkmen or through our new restaurant. Hometown Harvest Kitchen will create a unique fast casual farm to fork restaurant sharing our passion for local food on your plate.