How We Keep it Fresh at Hometown Harvest Kitchen

It’s one thing to understand the benefits of eating farm-fresh food, but that knowledge does you no good if you don’t know where to find it.

Well, for those in Frederick, Maryland, the search for healthy, locally sourced food is over. Hometown Harvest Kitchen (HHK) has decided to “keep it fresh” by opening its farm-to-fork restaurant in Downtown Frederick, which offers guests a fun and unique dining experience right along the beautiful Carrol Creek Promenade.

HHK is brought to the residents of Frederick County by a familiar source — South Mountain Creamery, which has been farming in Middletown, Maryland, since 1981 and provides the area with farm-fresh foods as well as a convenient home delivery service.

Filling a local void in the farm-to-fork cuisine and fast-casual dining concepts, HHK differentiates itself from the competition by being the only place in Downtown Frederick where you can eat a delicious meal and know exactly where each ingredient came from. Our mission is to make fresh, local food accessible to everyone in the community.

HHK’s farm-to-fork concept not only helps individuals keep it fresh by eating healthier, but farm-fresh food we also emphasize relationships between different stakeholders in Frederick County’s food system — farmers, processors, retailers, restauranteurs, consumers, etc. This boosts the local economy and leads to a focused conversation on food security in the community, self-reliance, and sustainable food practices.

The benefits of making healthier food choices are pretty clear. Eating farm-fresh food like that which is served at HHK can simply make your body feel better overall. But fresh food also tastes better. There’s nothing more delicious than fresh produce or dairy right from the source.

According to The Balance Small Business, there are many benefits to restaurants that serve local food, including:

Flavor & Freshness

The average commute for produce in the United States is 1,500 miles according to Local Harvest, but that’s not the case at HHK. Our farm-fresh food isn’t commercially engineered to withstand long travel. It is locally sourced and always fresh. Our produce not only look fresh but taste fresh and maintains its nutrients because it is not processed.

Supporting Local Economy

HHK has fostered strong relationships with Frederick County farmers, and those relationships are the lifeblood of the restaurant. As a local, family-owned-and-operated business, HHK understands the importance of doing business with those right in your own backyard and supports its local economy by using only ingredients grown on nearby farms.

A Creative Menu

In order to keep it fresh, many of HHK’s menu items are seasonal. Rotating menu items and introducing new seasonal products give HHK the ability to get creative with our menu. Seasonal dishes and daily specials are inspired by what is being grown on the local farms at that time and make for the freshest, best-tasting food.


Typically small farms find it hard to compete with wholesale food distributors when it comes to the costs of purchasing ingredients. However, Hometown Harvest Kitchen’s ability to cut out transportation costs and to grow many of its own ingredients on the South Mountain Creamery farm allow the restaurant to remain competitive with its pricing. At Hometown Harvest Kitchen, you can eat a much higher-quality meal for a similar price to what you would pay at other restaurants that don’t keep it fresh.

Environmentally Friendly

Farm-to-fork restaurants like HHK help protect the environment and preserve the countryside. Local farms leave a smaller environmental footprint that commercialized farms, using less energy to harvest and transport food. Many small farms also use little to no pesticides, hormones, and other chemicals compared to large-scale farms. Too many local farmers have had to sell their land for housing developments and strip malls, reducing the amount of beautiful countryside available in our country. By supporting local farmers, HHK helps keep them in business, which in turn preserves the beautiful countryside.

If you’re in Frederick County and want to keep it fresh when it comes to your eating habits, HHK is the place for you. Stop by for lunch or dinner, and don’t forget to get a scoop of our delicious ice cream from the dairy inside the restaurant.

We hope to see you soon!